LISBITEETH is an innovative treatment based on our research about caries.

The process through which dental caries develops is quite simple,it is caused by bacteria in the oral cavity. Streptococcus mutans  is an acidogenic bacteriumand one of the major etiologic factors in dental caries.

These bacteria, grow on tooth surfaces and produce acidic metabolites (mainly lactic acid) that damage the tooth enamel. In the first step, dental caries is a pale or brownish spot on the tooth surface. Later turns to a dark brown or black spot. If left untreated, It will continue to the dentin (the second layer in the tooth after tooth enamel) and eventually infects the tooth pulp. In the worst case, dental caries can lead to a dental abscess or tooth loss.

About this product:

It has been shown that the microbiota of the mouth influences the appearance of caries.

A dysbiosis ( unbalanced microbiota) facilities the caries formation. The balanced microbiota could be achieved through the use of Bacillus coagulans according to the studies we cite.

One tablet per day of LISBITEETH, containing 1 billion  CFU of Bacillus coagulans produces this balancing effect in the microbiota.

It also contains xylitol which increases the pH of the mouth,synergizing and facilitating the growth of Bacillus coagulans and lowering the levels of the cariogenic bacteria.

LISBITEETH has a pleasant and refreshing flavor thanks to the mint it contains.


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